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El amigo Nick ha hecho un estupendo resumen para los socios de INTUG y yo os lo transcribo aquí. Entre tanta información erronea que se ha publicado sirve para poner un poco de luz.

European Parliament Agrees to Telecoms Package
The European Parliament (EP) yesterday approved a major overhaul of EU telecoms rules, which will strengthen the rights of phone users and internet users and boost competition among telecom operators, according to the EP.

The new rules, to be implemented in the next eighteen months, will enhance consumer rights, safeguard internet freedom, protect data, boost competition and modernize radio spectrum use, in the words of the EP press office.

Nick White, Executive Vice president of INTUG said “INTUG welcomes the announcement that the European Parliament has adopted the Telecoms Package and its members will be actively involved in the process of transposition by Member States.”

Highlights of the package (more on this web site):

Consumers have the right to change their telephone operator within one working day whilst keeping their old number;
Operators have to provide consumers with clearer information on the promotional offers for which consumers qualify and the terms associated with their contract;
Creation of a more neutral net, so as to prevent service providers inhibiting or even blocking certain services such as voice communications over the internet. If there are limitations to connection speed, consumers must be informed before signing any contract;
Protection against data breaches and spam and if there is a breach the customer will have to be informed;
Creation of a new telecoms body that brings together national regulators, who have a better understanding of local conditions, to facilitate in the creation of a single market in telecoms;
Acceleration of broadband access by better managing the allocation of radio spectrum to make wireless broadband more generally available in areas where building new broadband infrastructure would be too costly;
Creation of a legal framework to encourage the development of next generation access (NGA) networks based on optical fiber and wireless technologies.
Furthermore, the package does not create a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule for copyright infringements. Under the new rules agreed upon, any citizen facing disconnection must be entitled to a fair and impartial procedure first.

Since the telecoms package has already been passed by national governments it will become law before the end of this year.

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