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Name: Leonard Pera

Your position: Director TC Iberia

Your age: 35

What is happiness to you? Sailing, watching the sea, and waking up every morning with love in my heart.
What would you consider the biggest misfortune? iIlness
Where would you like to live? I like Madrid but Barcelona is always in my heart.
Which mistakes can you forgive easily? If the intention was good that might be forgiven.
Your favorite hero in a novel? Sandokan
Your favorite hero in history? Alexandre the Great
Your favorite painter? I like Dali very much. It is like dreaming.
Your favorite composer? Mozart of course, the intensity of the German roots and the harmony of the Italian ones.
Which character quality do you appreciate the most in a man? Charm, will, strength

Which character quality do you appreciate the most in a woman? Charm, will, strength

Your favorite virtue? Passion and Strength.
Your favorite pastime? Reading, sailing
Who or what would you have liked to be? Superman
Your main personality trait? I am Scorpio
What do you appreciate the most in your friends? Passion and loyalty.
Your biggest weakness? You don’t expect me to tell you in front of everybody right?
Your favorite color? Blue
Your favorite flower? Strawberry, they are beautiful and useful. What else could you expect?
Your favorite bird? Seagull, I guess you have read Johan Sebastian Seagull… “there are no limits”
Your favorite writer? Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I always felt at home in Latin America.
Your favorite hero in reality? I admire Gandhi’s work. The power of the word to fight for a better world.
Your favorite heroine in history? Unfortunately in human history we lost the big potential of not letting half of human kind to perform as they could. XXI century is the one for women.
Your favorite names? Indira, (my daughter’s), Victory and Atila.
Which reform do you admire the most? French revolution.
Which natural gift would you like to own? Wisdom
Your motto? Where there is a will, there is a way.

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Leonard Pera: Nace en Barcelona en 1972. Licenciado en empresas por la UAM. Postgrado telecomunicaciones por la Escuela de Ingenieros de Madrid, en Comercio Internacional por la Cámara de Comercio y en Unión Europea por la Escuela Diplomática. Tras trabajar 5 años en Telefónica como responsable de las relaciones con los operadores de la Unión Europea, en el año 2001 se incorpora al Grupo Deutsche Telekom como responsable del lanzamiento del mercado telecomunicaciones en España en funciones de Director de Carrier Services. Desde Febrero del 2007 Responsable del Negocio de Telecomunicaciones para el mercado corporativo y desde Mayo del 2007 Director de ITC Sales & Support. Es además, es responsable de Comisión Internacional de Autelsi y Miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Asociación Española de Consultoría. Es Miembro del CATSI, Consejo Asesor del Ministerio de Industria. Profesor en el Master de Telecomunicaciones de Cremades y ponente habitual Internet Global Congress, VIP Events, etc.